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What Some College Students Can Teach Us About PR

How did CrowdPR Guru drive a college student’s unknown brand of eyewear on right into the media spotlight? Did we prepare a traditional “press release” for them?? NOOO!

waybucontactpg2The truth is that press releases don’t work (unless you’re big time like Apple, Google, or Obama etc). Crowdfunding projects like yours need to make A LOT more noise to get noticed by the media. You need to bring amazing “story ideas” directly to media contacts instead of issuing outdated press releases.

“Story Ideas” make your crowdfunding project stand out. The story idea that worked best for Waybu Eyewear wasn’t about eyewear at all. It focused instead on “college entrepreneurship” (a hot topic in the news at the time) and the media loved it!

To get media coverage you not only need a great story idea nooldPRthat connects with media contacts and peeks their interest, but also one that fits within the current “strategic-context” of their reporting. This is a very creative process. Sounds difficult, right?

Let CrowdPR Guru manage your PR campaign the right way!  CrowdPR Guru can make your crowdfunding project “newsworthy” and help you get the coverage you need to get funded!


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Waybu Eyewear, like many other clients that come to us, have great ideas but no way to get the word out to the right people . Our team quickly takes over your PR & marketing to get your campaign on the right track. We know what it takes to get real results. Are you ready for the media spotlight?

CEO, Waybu Eyewear
CEO, Waybu Eyewear
Testimonial: "Exactly one week after launching on Indiegogo my team and I realized that we needed help. As a new startup our budget was limited, so I looked for what would give us the most bang for our buck. Luckily the services from Crowd PR Guru were exactly what we were looking for. It was the most cost effective way to get a lot more exposure AND find the right backers for our campaign. From the moment we started working with Sean and the Guru team we felt like our project had its very own professional PR agency that was dedicated to getting us the most funding possible. Within a few days we started being featured on blogs and websites, then even e-mags and newspapers! We finished up overfunded and overwhelmed by the results. We will definitely use them again when launching our new collection in summer 2015! Thanks again guys!"


You’re trying to raise how much? Crowd PR Guru has helped raised OVER 1.6 MILLION DOLLARS to date using our proven marketing efforts. Its no surprise that we’re quickly becoming the #1 PR agency in the crowdfunding space for 2014 AND 2015. Looking for help? Our extensive experience in the crowdfunding + PR space helps you raise more money!


Our promise: We don’t quit! Our dedicated team is with you every step of the way. Unlike our so-called “competitors”, we always followup with our various media connections until we create serious buzz for  your project. Our persistence & winning approach always pays off. We’ve had major successes across all crowdfunding categories of Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Rockethub, and GoFundMe. It really works!


Our guarantee: We take your PR efforts to the next level, guaranteed. Whether you’re a pre-launch project or a live campaign, we handle everything. Our very knowledgeable and helpful staff is ready to jump onboard. We can launch an amazing PR campaign for you within 72 hours. We also take pride in helping crowdfunders like you do well. Ask about our client references that we have available. Our past clients love to share their experiences working with us!


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